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universities in india

universities in india

universities in india

Right College For Right Course

In a massive crowd of school and colleges, it becomes very important for you to judge out the right college where you can learn things adequately and in an appropriate manner with the best output in terms of education as well as career prospect wise. There are many methods to pick up the college that a person feels to be appropriate to his learning tasks and habits. And college rankings are one of the said methods that a person can consider as the method to select out the right college for his learning objective. However, there are some popular methods to select out the right college of one’s choice and opinion.

  1. One of the best methods to select out the right college is rankings published by U.S News & World Report since 1987 and thus it further on publishers that rankings in magazines. Another useful popular college ranking is Princeton Review guidebooks as provided by the Center for University Rankings. Sharda university ranking in India is 8.
  2. Another method to judge rankings is by the information provided by various companies that uses various criteria as to display college rankings. They provide college rankings on the basis of a list like academics, social life, small colleges, big colleges, liberal arts schools, public schools, undergraduate experience and happiest students.
  3. Admission acceptance rate is another method to judge out the standard of a college. This s qualified by the total number of students in the first year of admission divided by sum number of applications. As low is the acceptance rate as better a college would be in a list.
  4. Another way to get better college rankings is through websites like studentsreview.com on the basis of college feedback received by colleges.
  5. Other way to get college ranking is based upon the institution's bases like National universities, Sharda University India Master’s Universities, Comprehensive Colleges, Business and Engineering programs.
  6. Funding by Alumni is another set criterion to judge prestige and reputation of a college. The alumni funding rate can be calculated by dividing the number of alumni during a given academic year by the total number of alumni record for the same year. As higher is the rate of donation as higher is the level of satisfaction of alumni from the college.
  7. The retention rate of fresher is also a criterion to judge out quality of a college. As much a fresher student returns back for learning is successive year as better would be the retention rate of the college and as better would be that college in providing quality education.
  8. Graduation rate is the total number of fresher graduated through duration of six years of learning and teaching. A higher graduation rate is considered is far better that the lower graduation rate for determining the college.
  9. Budget incurred by a student on learning of a student on expenses like student instruction, research, public service, academic support, student services, institutional support, operations and maintenance helps in determining status of the college.
  10. Performance of student during the entire six years of graduation also helps in determining the level and standard of the college and picking up the right college on the information based upon it.


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